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For many of us, the natural aging process results in gnarly veins presenting in different areas of the body (most typically in the legs). While generally harmless, the appearance of spider or varicose veins can limit our wardrobe options and seriously damage our confidence.

These swollen, dark clusters can make us feel older and more out of shape than we really are. Worst of all, they can be difficult to conceal when dressing for a formal occasion or taking a trip to the beach. With non-invasive vascular reduction treatment, you can say ‘goodbye’ to unwanted vascular clusters and wave ‘hello’ to that pair of shorts or perfect dress you thought you’d never wear again!

How Vascular Reduction Works

Surfield Plastic relies on the latest laser technology to eliminate or reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins. The treatment works by using laser light to heat up, damage, and subsequently close the veins to ultimately disband dark vein clusters. This results in smoother, more uniform skin for a youthful and rejuvenated look!

The Benefits of Vascular Reduction

Safe and Effective

Little to No Discomfort

No anesthesia  required

Quick Procedure

No downtime required

Amazing Results

Contrary to popular belief, spider and varicose veins don’t have to be a fact of life. With a simple, non-surgical vascular reduction procedure, patients can reclaim the confidence and smoother skin they’ve been hoping for! Check out the results below.





Vascular reduction treatments have a tremendous success rate in closing unwanted veins and keeping them closed. The results are typically permanent.

Vascular reduction is a safe and simple procedure that results in a natural appearance without leaving scarring or discoloration. At worst, some patients may experience temporary bruising that should dissipate within days.

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